Main characters

the Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

The Third Doctor

The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels through the universe in a time machine shaped like an English police box from the 1970s. The Time Lords recently caught him interfering in the lives of people of other species, and exiled him to Earth, where he now works for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT). He is hundreds of years old, and considers himself a serious scientist, but is also playful and mischeivous. He is commonly shipped with most of the UNIT staff, especially the Brigadier and Jo, as well as the Master.

This regeneration of the Doctor was played by Jon Pertwee.

the Master (Roger Delgado)

The Master

The Master is another wandering Time Lord. Once a good friend of the Doctor's, they are now archenemies. The Master often tries to take over the Earth, using his talent for hypnotism and a variety of pseudonyms including "Colonel Masters" and "Emil Keller." However, his plans inevitably backfire, forcing him to rely on the Doctor for help. He is commonly shipped with the Doctor.

This is either the third or thirteenth regeneration of the Master, but he is the first to appear on Doctor Who. He was played by Roger Delgado.

Jo Grant (Katy Manning)

Jo Grant

Jo is the Doctor's assistant at UNIT. She is initially clumsy and easily flustered, but eager to please, and the Doctor resents her ineptitude. However, they gradually learn to trust each other, and Jo has saved the Doctor's life several times. Her talents include asking the right questions and escaping from handcuffs. She is commonly shipped with the Brigadier, Captain Yates, and the Master.

Jo was played by Katy Manning; she also appeared on the spinoff series The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2010.

the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney)

Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart

The Brigadier is UNIT's commanding officer in Great Britain. At first, he finds the Doctor disruptive because he refuses to fit into the military structure of the organization. Meanwhile, the Doctor can't stand how attached the Brigadier is to rules and regulations. But they grow on each other over time. Or at least that's my hypothesis. The Brigadier is commonly shipped with the Doctor, and occasionally with Captain Yates and Sergeant Benton.

The Brigadier met and worked with at least six different regenerations of the Doctor. He was played by Nicholas Courtney.

Captain Yates (Richard Franklin)

Captain Michael "Mike" Yates

Yates is a UNIT officer who often works with the Doctor and Jo. He is handsome and ambitious, and supposedly a love interest for Jo. However, he is more commonly shipped with the Brigadier.

Captain Yates was played by Richard Franklin.

Sergeant Benton (John Levene)

Sergeant Benton

Benton is the lowest-ranking of the recurring UNIT officers. He is hardworking and dedicated to UNIT, and quickly gets used to the strange things that the Doctor tends to get involved in. He is occasionally shipped with Jo, the Brigadier, or Captain Yates.

Benton never gets a first name in the script, but fans call him John because he was played by John Levene.

Miss Hawthorne (Damaris Hayman)

Olive Hawthorne

Miss Hawthorne is a white witch who lives in the village of Devil's End. When the Master summons an ancient alien from a local archaeological dig, she helps the Doctor find and defeat him. She is commonly shipped with Sergeant Benton.

Miss Hawthorne only appears in "The Daemons". She was played by Damaris Hayman, who also served as occult consultant for the serial.

Cliff Jones (Stewart Bevan)

Professor Clifford "Cliff" Jones

Professor Jones is a Nobel Prize-winning Welsh scientist, and the founder of a hippie environmentalist community dedicated to developing sustainable energy sources and protesting dangerous industrial practices. He is presented as very similar to the Doctor, and ends up marrying Jo.

Professor Jones only appears in "The Green Death". He was played by Stewart Bevan.

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